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by Scream on 2023-12-19

Opening of the Updated FeelRo Server: New Opportunities Await! 

Dear players!

We are pleased to announce that after careful work on the bugs, we are ready to present you the relaunched FeelRo server with exciting changes!

What's new?
Wiki update: Articles have been updated and filled out.
Reworking the balance of professions.
Gameplay updates:
Fix Elemental Sword for Assassin Cross.
Complicated leveling and corrections in the experience system on the Hunt.
New MVP pets in the drop and in the donation shop.
New sharpening system using unique loot from the cash shop.
Redesigned donate shop.
Seasonal Changes: Goodbye Halloween! Hello, New Year's Prontera!
New Events: Instant Xmas Dungeon for holiday adventures.

Improvements and changes:
Simplification of quests for sets and legendary items in future updates.
Increasing the cost of purchases for BG points.

Opening date and time:
December 23, 18:00 Moscow time.

Do you need a new client?
If you already have our server client installed, simply update it via the patcher.

We are waiting for everyone at the grand opening! Immerse yourself in the updated world of Ragnarok - the adventure begins!